Why we created The Scoop dog food.

Our story begins with a sad ending.

Animals have always been a really important part of our family. Over the years, we have been known to have three or four dogs, multiple cats, horses, livestock and more.

Sometimes a very special pet comes into your life, and for us, that was a dog we adopted named Cookie. She was a wonderful dog with a sweet personality—everyone loved her. When she became sick and was diagnosed with Copper Storage Disease, it was devastating! As we learned more, we discovered that we were actually contributing to her illness by what we were feeding her—dog food containing Chelated Coppers. We lost Cookie when she was only six years old.

Our journey to find out more about Copper Storage Disease and the frustrating realization that the main pet food regulatory agency, nor any of the major dog food manufacturers were willing to recognize the disease or make any changes to eliminate the harmful additives being put into their food, forced us to take matters into our own hands. We had no other choice but to create The Scoop Dog Food, a balanced and complete diet that does not contain Chelated Coppers or Copper Sulphate.

Copper Storage Disease is a man-made disease that with proper research and testing could have been avoided.

Food truly is medicine and the longevity of our pets really revolves around what we feed them. Our food was created to give you a choice! The freedom to feed 'em a clean, safe dog food.


Our Dog Cookie
2008 – 2014


Our personal journey to find answers after we lost our beloved pet that lead us to create The Scoop Dog Food with No Chelated Copper Added.

Hear our story. Learn from our experience.

These two short videos share our story and what we discovered regarding chelated copper in most dog foods. In just a few minutes, you'll understand the danger of Copper Storage Disease, why we created The Scoop Dog Food, and why dog food manufacturing standards need to change if we are to protect our family pets.

Why we created The Scoop Dog Food.

What we discovered about Copper Storage Disease.

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