Is dog food killing your dog?

It could be. Beware of this ingredient...

Researchers discover that adding copper sulfate to pig feed makes them grow faster.

In 1988, The University of Kentucky conducted a study where they added copper sulfate, which is a growth promotant, to pig feed that improved the rate and efficiency of growth and weight gain in weanling pigs. This improved growth rate allowed industrial swine farmers to move pigs to market faster and increased profitability. CLICK HERE to see the entire study.

Within years, copper sulfate was being added to bovine, sheep and even farm-raised fish feeds.

Growth supplement for livestock created a deadly disease for dogs.

In 1997, the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) changed the requirements related to copper supplementation in companion animal diets. The requirements state that when “added” to diets, chelated copper or copper sulfate (man-made coppers) must be used. Studies or feeding trials were never conducted prior to this mandate to see what the long-term effects would be on companion animals. Copper Storage Disease was born.

Copper Storage Disease in dogs is a condition caused by an abnormal accumulation of chelated copper in the animal’s liver. This leads to progressive damage and scarring of the liver. Excessive and prolonged exposure over time leads to cirrhosis and possible death. Copper Storage Disease (CSD) is being diagnosed with increasing frequency. Studies and research have proven this increase in CSD can be directly related to the changes in copper supplementation that AAFCO put into effect for dog food manufacturers. The decision to change the type of copper added to food from copper oxide (natural copper) to a chelated copper or copper sulfate has increased the copper exposure in many dog foods to alarmingly toxic levels.

Copper Storage Disease killed Cookie.

When Cookie became sick and was diagnosed with Copper Storage Disease, it was devastating! As we learned more, we discovered that we were actually contributing to her illness by what we were feeding her—dog food containing chelated coppers. We lost Cookie when she was only six years old.

Our journey to find out more about Copper Storage Disease and the frustrating realization that the main pet food regulatory agency, nor any of the major dog food manufacturers were willing to recognize the disease or make any changes to eliminate the harmful additives being put into their food, forced us to take matters into our own hands. We had no other choice but to create The Scoop Dog Food, a balanced and complete diet that does not contain Chelated Coppers or Copper Sulfate.

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Is your dog food safe? Does your ingredient list contain toxic coppers?

Natural Copper vs. Copper Sulfate or Chelated Copper

Natural Copper is essential to all living organisms as a trace dietary mineral. It can be found in its natural form in many plant and animal products. It is absorbed in the gut, transported to the liver and then distributed through the bloodstream. Excess natural copper is easily eliminated from the body when not needed.

Chelated copper and copper sulfate are man-made. It is a molecular complex that consists of elemental copper combined with amino acid glycine. It is absorbed at a much higher rate and is not easily expelled from the dog’s liver. Excessive amounts of chelated copper in a dog’s diet over time may become toxic, overwhelming the liver and can lead to progressive damage and scarring (cirrhosis) — in some cases death. Some common terms for man-made coppers are: copper sulfate, copper proteinate, copper amino acid chelates, proteinaceous copper.

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Spread the word about Copper Storage Disease.

More than 43 million families own dogs. You can help those dogs — and their families — by using social media to raise awareness of Copper Storage Disease.

Making a difference.

Food truly is medicine and the longevity of our pets really revolves around what we feed them. Our food was created to give you a choice! The freedom to feed 'em a clean, safe dog food.

Ensuring safety and quality for your pet.

Our mission is to provide pet owners with a premium, science-based dog food, made with clean ingredients that provide complete nutrition for your pet, so they have the opportunity to live a healthy and happy life and to be a part of your family for a long time.

The Scoop Dog Food recipes are...
  • Created by a Practicing Veterinarian, a Food Scientist & a PhD Pet Nutritionist.
  • Sourced and tested for nutritional value and purity.
  • Formulated with ONLY natural copper.
  • Grain inclusive.
  • Created without the three main causes of food allergies and adverse food reactions in dogs: beef, dairy, or wheat.
  • Tested for digestibility and palatability.

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