The Scoop dog food is becoming Voyager Dog Food Co.

We’re still the same company delivering the same clean, scientific ingredients that’s best for your pup. Now with Voyager we will be able to still offer the same great food but in a better and more efficient way for our loyal customers.

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Made with safe ingredients.

A healthy pup needs a healthy food to grow and stay strong. Our ingredients have been through extensive testing to ensure that the final product is not just safe, but healthy and nutritious.

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Here’s what our customers have to say...

"The Scoop is an outstanding food that keeps her [our dog Gemma] energy up as she is a very active dog that loves to be outside. We were impressed with the time and science invested into discovering that copper-free pet food like the Scoop is much better for your dog's overall health and life span. We also get compliments all the time about how shiny and luxurious Gemma’s coat is since she has been on the Scoop."

The Wachenfelds  | Gemma's Humans

“I recently switched my 6 month old pup (Rose) to the scoop. When I opened the bag, I knew instantly I made the right choice you can see it is a quality food. My dog loves it and I can tell her teeth are whiter and she has a beautiful shine to her coat. I recommend the scoop to all of my friends with gun dogs, but also to my mom who has a toy poodle. This food is the real deal. I am a customer for life.”

Blake Allen  | Rose's Human

"As new dog owners, we didn't know much about dog food. Dr. VanVranken was very knowledgeable and educated us on Copper Storage Disease. We are so happy he recommended we feed our dog The Scoop! Our pets are our family, and we want nothing but the best for our fur babies."

The Deaners  | Vega's Humans

It started with one dog.

Learn about our personal journey to find answers after we lost our beloved family pet to Copper Storage Disease.

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